We’re Stuck (right now) with the Common Core Standards-So, now what?

Hey Teachers! What is really happening out there in EDUCATION today? It just seems like the business of teaching -be it public or private is in a HUGE quandary….or to put it not so delicately-in a BIG MESS. Confusing like crazy. So many of us find the Common Core State Standards making very little sense; there is a lack of direction from our administrators and people are just tired of feeling like they are failing and falling down in their learning and/or teaching. There are more kids dropping out of high school than ever-that’s been going on for decades and decades. But the concern is to the point of NO RETURN. We educators do not have the answers. American teens are getting more and more frustrated and feeling that there’s a sense of getting dumbed down-what with no one to tell them which way is right or wrong….There are fewer than ever guidelines, spiritually morally, or intellectually, for most So how exactly are they really going to get a higher degree?

The early years-the elementary ones- are really the strongest window of opportunity to instill that LOVE of learning and KNOWLEDGE. That’s where we come in, teachers! And yes, I am talking to all of you teachers out there-from you- parents who are the first and primary teachers to the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade teachers who are on the front lines in the primary grades, setting the tone and the pace for these future learners.

Now as we know, Scientific Research in the field of neurology has come up with all sorts of findings-and true gems- about the way the brain receives and puts out information.And how the brain and the eye work to process the visual content or meaning of the words on a page. Also, we now know which side of the brain is doing what at any particular time. It has really been proven, by many neurologic psychologists and researchers, that writing helps you remember what you want to say.Kinda obvious, no? You want to remember a list of fruits and vegetables on a recipe- best way would be to write it down. We all have thoughts that we want to put to memory or recall. If we put them down on paper, we will have encoded or recorded our thoughts, right? It is semi permanent! And that is truly fantastic! Amazing! Later we can read what we wrote…and see that we have given ourselves (or someone else) a worthy message or thought.

We, the creators of the Ziff Technique, do the same thing with our kindergarten students. We start them out with their sweet, adorable thoughts,their memorable experiences, and fresh faced sensations and we get them to express their ideas using language.We write down their words and then we “teach” them, if you will, that this or that word has a particular meaning. And quite suddenly, not unlike Helen Keller’s and Annie Sullivan’s experiences- they get it!! And they’re so excited. It’s a wonderfully awesome beginning, giving each one a real sense of power…the ability to write and read! Imagine the sense of strength and pride they receive from something we all take for granted- the gracious ability to use our intellectual faculties for good, for balanced and positive expression. The children are now able to give over a message, to entertain a brother or sister, or joyful parents, to own their thoughts in the form of a book that they wrote! We think this is really so great that we want to share it with you. It’s the Ziff Technique. Take a look.

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