Meet The Ziff Technique Team

Mr. Yossie Ziff, Executive Producer and teacher of the Ziff Technique

Mr. Ziff has over 25 years of teaching in elementary schools. He has spent the last 5 years applying and practicing his technique with kindergarteners at Walgrove Elementary School in Mar Vista, California. He lives within 5 minutes of both his school and beach, where he surfs daily, weather permitting, refreshing his mind, body, and spirit.


Mrs. Joan Devorah Ziff, Executive Producer and co-director of the Ziff Technique

Mrs. Ziff attended Harvard University where she studied under Dr. Jeanne Chall and the work of Donald Graves. She is presently an elementary teacher at her beloved alma mater, Warner Avenue, in W. Los Angeles. For fun she likes to prepare huge meals for friends and bounce on her mini trampoline. Both she and Mr. Ziff enjoy traveling together in the summer months, when not teaching.


Mrs. Clare Carey, Producer/director of the Ziff Technique Video on the website

Mrs. Carey is a parent at Walgrove Elementary where she has seen firsthand the enormous potential of this program for young readers. Each of her children have gone through the program with Mr. Ziff and she has been an early supporter and enthusiast of the technique. Not only a committed community member and parent, she is also a member of the entertainment industry.

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