What Is So Important About the Rainbow Words?

When your child can read an entire band of the various colors on the Rainbow Words Chart, the sense of accomplishment for him or her seriously soars! The joy of this secret language of reading is beginning to feel like a magnificent discovery!

As the children progress, their confidence and abilities increase to a great degree and the happiness we, as parents feel, grows tremendously also. Part of the beauty of the Ziff Technique is that it allows your child to express his own thoughts, his own words, and besides being able to write them down, he can read them too! It is quite simple.

What is the Rainbow Words Chart? Well, good question! It’s basically a supplementary charting method that we use hand-in-hand with the Dolch sight word list, to acknowledge your child’s ability to read groups of selected sight words on this list, considered by the reading experts as the most important and frequently used words in the early reader’s lexicon. Not only is your child acknowledging his achievements by charting his progress, but also, strengthening his newfound confidence which creates the foundation for his literacy and knowledge base in both reading and writing.

Rainbow Words Charts are set up alongside the different bands of the colors of the rainbow, of which there are 7. There are 10 words on each band which allows him to learn 70 words for each chart. There are 20 charts, increasing in difficulty as the child progresses. So let’s do some simple math! What’s 20 charts times 70 words per page? That’s right! 1400!! That’s how many sight words your child will read by the end of the year on this program!

That’s why we use the Rainbow Words Charts as a ‘testimony’ to each student’s mastery of specific sight words, which we initially write onto flashcards and then hang on a ring, for daily cumulative practice. It is a highly motivating and active part of the Ziff Technique for teaching children to write and read, and yet it takes very little time each day to do. Just realize this: If your child can read all those words, he can write them down too! And that’s what we love about the program!

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