Volunteers to Help Teach Can Make a Huge Difference!!

As you proceed with the Ziff Technique for teaching reading and writing in your classroom, having parent volunteers can be a big boon to your teaching. With this extra support, the kids get a lot more personal attention and you can add extra constructive and supportive activities in centers.. For one teacher to deal with 25 children can be very challenging. The parents can help review the Rainbow Words with the children first thing in the morning. This year I have from 5 to 9 parents who come in at the beginning of each day to help the kids review the words on their word rings. After 6 weeks of school, now half of the class has already learned over 80 sight words! The excitement, the energy, and the motivation that the children have is very high! We finished step 1, Cutting and Pasting, two weeks ago, and are in the middle of step 2, where the children are copying the words from the board, without cutting and pasting. The children can’t wait to get started to learn each day. It’s both gratifying and stimulating for me, as their teacher. But again, without the help of my parent volunteers, it might not have gone as smoothly. Some days there are children who get distracted and need a little bit more attention, and these parents are there for them, redirecting them back to the group and to their work. So, don’t hesitate to ask your parents to get involved! It’s truly a win-win situation all the way around!
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