Success Stories of Teaching Children to Write and Read Using the Ziff Technique

Read comments below from past students’ parents of The Ziff Technique.

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3 thoughts on “Success Stories of Teaching Children to Write and Read Using the Ziff Technique

  1. Leisle

    Both of my children have been students in Mr. Ziff’s class. They learned so much from him with his great teaching program. Not only did they learn to read and write – the LOVE reading! The Ziff technique makes learning fun. The kids in the class would write books for fun and look forward to coming to class the next day to share what they had written. We can’t say enough good things about Mr. Ziff and his teaching program!

  2. Miriam

    My daughter was in Kindergarten last year, came home on the first day of school crying over her word ring (simple sight words). The words might as well have been in Chinese – she was so upset. By the end of the year she was reading CHAPTER BOOKS and writing amazing thank you notes, cards, etc.

    I can’t say enough good things about her experience and the love of reading she has from it. We can’t keep up with her insatiable appetite for reading.

    And, her penmanship is spectacular! Thank you Mr. Ziff!!


  3. Francine Nellis

    I had the joyous experience of working alongside Mr. Ziff in the classroom for two years and another as a satisfied parent.

    The children are so excited each day to share thier favorite topic and write about what they know. The program changes with them and moves at their pace. As they master simple words and phrases that occur in their natural daily language, through writing, they can move on to more advanced words. At the end of our first year, the class spent days writing pages about a dairy cow that came to visit school. Free thoughts, from their head, translated to paper.
    What is most amazing about the program is watching the kids fortify and literally burst with pride. At 5 and 6 years old, they just want to talk and talk. This program allows the rest of us to sit back and listen and let them shine.


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