Now That You’ve Got Things Going With Your Reading and Writing Groups…

One of the greatest joys of teaching children to read and write  is to watch a child who previously could not even sound out a word, begin to take off and explode with their abilities! After a few months of teaching the Ziff Technique for writing and reading, the children are now beginning to bring in and write their own stories and books! They can’t wait to show their friends, to show us, the teachers, and of course, their parents, who sometimes actually come in to report to us,  with tears of joy in their eyes!

But what about that kid who is having trouble just trying to sound out beginnings or endings of words?… Who can’t quite make all the letters form the way they’re supposed to look with his pencil? How do you address his or her needs in the midst of the other go-getters? One obvious idea, though surprisingly often overlooked, is to give those students a lot of patient, one-on-one review and practice, with the Teacher, going over phonics, letter writing, or any other needed area of language or reading development. This can be done during rotation groups/centers, which allow the children to spend a minimum of fifteen to twenty minutes with you, while the other groups are more independent centers, requiring much less supervision. The other groups might include finishing stories, starting new ‘books’, word games, word puzzles, book reading with a buddy, and so forth. But the time spent with you for that child who is having a hard time, is so valuable. Having parent volunteers and aides to help during this time will allow you to bring out the best in both your teaching and each child’s ability to learn.

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