How Can We Inspire Young Children to Become Inspired Writers and Readers?

Teachers, Home School Parents, Administrators:

We often need some creative energy to keep ourselves going, don’t we? If we aren’t feeling inspired, how are we going to get our students involved? So……we must constantly be looking for different ways to ignite our own sparks, be it through our own imaginations, our own learning experiences (remember what that 5th grade teacher taught you about trees?!), through others’ inspiring lectures or lesson plans, or even by taking a good long look at our own teaching practices and thinking about how to improve ourselves.If you’re bored with the way you do something, change it! Step it up, add or amend, make it more colorful, lighter, happier, more fun! Our purpose after all, must be for the children to learn and “get” what we’re trying to teach. We’ve got to make it exciting by internalizing our joy and then expressing it to the kids.

Keep the goal in mind: We want our children to learn basic imperative skills that will allow them to develop writing and reading facility. We do it by incorporating their own personal language complimented by building good phonics and sight word skills.

Best of luck after the holiday break! One more thing: When you look at your teaching practices, don’t forget to also look at your relationships with the children. Make that a priority.Really make an effort to allow that child to feel special and cared for.Help him to bring out his highest potential, help her to incorporate her highest values of that fairy princess she loves, to become what she dreams of! And help that little boy to develop the leadership skills he will need to become that Fire Chief! We, as teachers, have that power: to inspire and direct our charges towards a higher purpose, towards Good, towards an attitude of caring about our communities, and about our world! It is “Awesome!”

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