First Day Jitters!! (From the Teacher’s Perspective!)

It’s really funny, but for some reason I get so excited/nervous/anxious-just like the kids- the night before school always starts! What am I worried about?! I have so much experience, right? And I have so much self-confidence, right?! Will the children like me,? Will they learn a lot from me this year?, Will I be able to ‘control’ the whole class? These and other thoughts tend to run through my head. Of course, the moment I meet my class on the yard and see their sweet, shining faces, ready and willing to do their best, those insecure thoughts just evaporate into thin air and I’m back to being the teacher I want to be (and am) !

In addition, I want to make a wonderful suggestion which a now retired colleague of mine gave me a few years back, and which I’ve been applying on a regular once a year basis. She suggests calling each parent at the end of the first day, late in the afternoon, just to say hello, introduce yourself, and reassure the parent that little Johnny seemed to have had a great day today.It might seem like a lot of calls to make, but it only takes a minute per call and the parents are always so happily surprised and pleased.-It sets a good tone for the entire year. All you need to do is set aside a half hour-and even if you cannot reach them, but leave a message, the result seems to be the same. Just remember that beginnings are important! And good luck on your first day of school!! You’re going to be terrific!!

Looking forward to another year of teaching reading, writing, phonics, and language development and watching the children develop into literate humans-proficient in their oral and written language abilities!