Getting Back into Teaching Using the Ziff Technique for Writing and Reading

Getting ready to go back to school and teaching children to write and read takes a mind shift! You are preparing to meet a brand new group of students, with their bright and shiny faces and fresh slates!  They are looking to you, their teacher, to take command, give them direction, be there for them. All done with a smile on your heart. It’s exciting for us, as teachers, as well as the students. It can also be overwhelming, for many.

Just know that (most of ) you have done this before. The first days are all about getting the children used to your way of doing things. They are trying to figure you out,just as you are them. Within your structure, play games, have fun, talk a lot-let them get to know you slowly and securely. Be consistent with your messages to them and the year will get off to a smooth start.

Using the Ziff Technique for teaching reading and writing, have your pencils and papers prepared and waiting (even if they’ve never held a pencil before-you will show them!.) Have your dry erase markers handy with the eraser. Enjoy the conversation on the rug and you can even get them up and writing on the very first day of school! Do this consistently and you will be amazed to see their progress each day using the Ziff Technique.

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