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WHAT : A step by step guide to teaching kids to read by first teaching them to write. The Ziff Technique can be described as a writing program that synthesizes the Whole Language and Phonics approaches to learning to read. It is a perfect way to use the new Common Core Standards.

WHO : This technique is for educators and parents who are interested in an engaging, successful approach to literacy.

WHERE : It can be used in any classroom setting. Class size can range from small groups of three or four up to a full class of children. It can also be used in an individual, one to one situation.

WHEN : It can be used 1-5 times per week with a minimum of one hour or more.

HOW : Children are led on a ‘mind journey’ to explore topics of their choosing. They are then taught to read the words from the stories they have created and written themselves. Through repetition they quickly learn to write and read any word they can say.

WHY : This technique has a proven success rate. It builds a very strong foundation for the beginning reader in a short amount of time, and propels them forward through their academic career and beyond, igniting their enthusiasm to both read and create their own stories. The average kindergartener will gain a sight word lexicon of over 800 words by the end of the year. The technique is not scripted or canned. It is completely authentic and is built around the students’ interests.

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If you buy the entire package it will only cost $179.95, (Steps 1-5, Guide Book and The Ziff Words) however you can purchase each separately at the prices in the drop down menu. After you check out, your password will be sent directly to your email.

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This is a comprehensive writing and reading program for beginning or early readers which includes some phonics and sight word teaching as well as read alouds, oral presentations, thinking map skills, and grammar. It is a set of videos that show the teaching method and a guidebook that can be downloaded.

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